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How To Apply Hair Extensions

How to Apply Hair Extensions

Step by Step Instructions

Pre-glued hair extensions are easy to apply since the glue is already in place. At the end of the hair is a protein tip shaped like a fingertip or with a V shape. You should melt the glue with the fusing tool. Hair can be reused by removing the pre tipped piece with remover, cut off the glue tip and use your glue gun with adhesive sticks to reapply. Tools needed:

a) Prebonded Hair
b) Plastic Shield
c) Hair Extension Connector
Finger Guards (optional)

he part of the hair you are adding extension to needs to be free from oils or any slippery products. We strongly recommend washing hair and not adding conditioner before applying hair extensions.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
How to apply hair
How to apply Indian hair
How to apply pre tipped hair

Start sectioning client's hair from bottom to top

Insert template to root to protect scalp from heat

Twist strands to ease placing pre tipped hair

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
How to apply natural hair

How to apply hair extensions

How to apply pre bonded hair

Place Pre tipped hair under client's hair, holding with one hand

Place hair connector Tool under hair

Pinch smoothly for about 3 seconds to melt and smear glue into every hair stand

Step 7
Step 8
Apply keratin hair extensions
Hair Extensions - instructions to apply

Roll fused part with fingers and try to close tightly

Finished - Do not shampoo or condition hair within 24 hours



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c) Color Ring

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Warning: This process must be applied by licensed Beauticians only. We are not responsible for any results from using this information. Anyone, who uses this information, must do so at their own risk. If you are not a beautician, please find your local hair extension professional.